How long does it take to get Taiwanese citizenship?

After five years of tax domicile, foreigners are able to apply for Taiwanese citizenship. Various requirements will need to be met, for example, you’d need to pass a Chinese Mandarin exam.

How can I get Taiwan citizenship?

Unregistered nationals can obtain a National Identification Card only by settling in Taiwan for one year without leaving, two consecutive years staying in Taiwan for a minimum of 270 days a year or five consecutive years staying 183 days or more in each year.

Does Taiwan accept dual citizenship?

Taiwan permits dual citizenship. However, those becoming naturalized Taiwanese citizens must renounce the previous citizenship. Taiwanese citizens seeking to acquire another citizenship may do so. If you would like more information about Taiwanese citizenship, please contact us.

Is it hard to immigrate to Taiwan?

The rates and numbers of immigrants and expats moving to the country are fairly low, with foreign residents making up not even 3% of the population. However, expat communities tend to be strong, and you should not have a hard time finding other expats, especially in the metro areas.

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Can you be a dual citizen of US and Taiwan?

Dual nationality (holding U.S. and Taiwan Passports)

Neither Taiwan nor U.S. law prohibits the acquisition or retention of two nationalities.

How can I permanently live in Taiwan?

Individuals who are at least 20 years old, who have been in Taiwan for the required length of time and who meet all the requirements needed for permanent residency, can apply for an Alien Permanent Resident Certificate (APRC). Anyone who already holds citizenship of the People’s Republic of China may not apply.

Do Taiwanese girls make good wives?

Taiwanese girls do not have to argue to make their point known; they are indeed an excellent choice for a spouse. Before she makes any decision, she is considerate of her husband’s opinion and demands.

How can I stay in Taiwan long term?

A Taiwan Resident Visa is also only valid for a single-entry and for only up to 3 months. However, once you enter Taiwan on a Resident Visa, you must apply for an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) and the Re-entry Permit to be allowed to stay long-term.

Can US citizens move to Taiwan?

You need a Taiwanese work visa to enter the country, a work permit to work, and a residence permit to stay for more than 90 days. Taiwanese residence permits are called Alien Resident Certificates (ARCs), and are granted by the Taiwan National Immigration Agency.

Does Taiwan need visa to USA?

For a short visit to the United States, all you need is the US ESTA. This online document allows you to enter the country for a brief time. The program was opened in Taiwan in 2012. Since then, citizens from Taiwan have been able to obtain theUS Visa for Taiwanese.

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Is it worth moving to Taiwan?

Taiwan is considered to be a very safe country to live in and is consistently acknowledged as a safe country in a variety of global safety indexes, including SafeAround’s Index in which Taiwan took 24th position out of 160 countries. The Global Peace Index awarded Taiwan with 26th place out of 163 countries.

Is Taiwan expensive to live?

A single person estimated monthly costs are 808$ (22,406NT$) without rent. Cost of living in Taiwan is, on average, 10.17% lower than in United States. Rent in Taiwan is, on average, 57.59% lower than in United States.

By City in Taiwan.

Rank City Cost of Living Index
2 Taipei 64.86
3 Kaohsiung 62.35

Can a foreigner buy a house in Taiwan?

A: Yes, as long as there is reciprocal laws in your country, meaning that Taiwanese can also purchase real estate in your home country. Most foreigners in Taiwan can purchase residential real estate, but some types of land such as agricultural land is not allowed.

How long can US citizens stay in Taiwan?

As a U.S. passport holder, you will be allowed to enter Taiwan without a visa for up to ninety days if your passport is valid for more than 90 days. If your passport has less than 90 days of validity remaining, you will be able to enter Taiwan for a time equal to the expiration date of your passport.

Is Taiwan cheap?

Taiwan is an incredibly affordable destination . To me, it’s on par with some destinations in Southeast Asia since the food was cheap and so many activities were free. … So, if you’re looking for an uncrowded and affordable place to visit, Taiwan is it.

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Can I get Taiwanese citizenship if my parents are Taiwanese?

Citizenship is based primarily on descent from the father (jus sanguinis). BY BIRTH: Birth within the territory of Taiwan does not automatically confer citizenship. Only when a child of unknown parentage is found is citizenship granted. This citizenship is removed, upon legitimization by a foreign parent.