Quick Answer: Can I get Spanish citizenship through marriage?

How long does it take to get Spanish citizenship through marriage?

Processing the application can take 2 to 3 years, but you will be informed when it is completed. If you are successful and your application is accepted, you will have to swear your loyalty and take a pledge of allegiance to the King. You must also promise to adhere to the Spanish constitution and laws.

Can you get a Spanish passport through marriage?

Obtaining Spanish citizenship by marriage is possible. You get citizenship rights, a passport, and the option to maintain permanent residency if you lived in Spain. … Foreigners who have lived in Spain for ten years are allowed Spanish citizenship because of the fact they have lived in Spain.

How can I get permanent residency in Spain by marriage?

How do I qualify for Spanish citizenship through marriage? Following your marriage to a Spanish citizen, you will need to have been resident in Spain with your partner for a minimum of one year from the date a residence permit was granted. You will need to have a residence permit as a family member of an EU citizen.

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Can I stay in Spain if I marry a Spanish citizen?

In the first place, the citizen who wants to obtain nationality must obtain a residence in Spain. This will be possible after having married a Spanish national. Then, you must demonstrate continued coexistence for a year in the Spanish territory with your spouse.

Can I live in Spain if my husband is Spanish?

Do you have a relative who is a Spanish national? Is your partner or spouse a European Union citizen? Then, you can get your right to live and work in Spain really easily. All you have to do is to apply for the procedure called family member of an EU citizen.

How much money do I need in the bank for Spanish residency?


As an EU resident, you must prove that you have €6,000 in your bank account and that you have a private medical policy. Alternatively, you can get a job offer in Spain and it will work as well.

Which country gives citizenship easily by marriage?

If you want the fastest second passport by marriage, the African country Cape Verde may be your best option. That’s because anyone who marries a Cape Verde citizen is entitled to apply for “citizenship by option” immediately after marriage.

Can you get dual citizenship through marriage?

Dual citizenship, marriage and children

You do not automatically become a British citizen when you marry a person from the UK. You need to apply as the spouse of a British citizen. … Check with the country’s consulate or high commission in the UK to find out about that country’s laws on dual nationality.

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Does Spain allow dual citizenship?

Does Spain allow dual citizenship? Yes, the Spanish Civil Code does allow dual citizenship, but just under certain circumstances. As a general rule, when you apply for and are granted Spanish nationality by residency, you must renounce your prior citizenship.

Can I live in Spain after Brexit?

Can I keep living in Spain after Brexit? … Britain and Spain have mutually agreed that their citizens can stay living in each other’s countries post-Brexit, however, it is important that the correct application process be undertaken to obtain legal permission.

How do I register a foreign marriage in Spain?

How to register a marriage with a foreigner in Spain

  1. Check the requirements at the civil registry.
  2. Prepare all the required documents.
  3. Submit all the documents at the civil registry.
  4. Interview.
  5. Wedding and obtaining the marriage certificate.
  6. Documents to be provided by the foreigner.

How long can you live in Spain without residency?

The 90-day rule

This rule simply states that you can live in Spain without residency for a maximum of 90 days. After those 3 months, you need to either obtain a residence permit, or leave the country. And that is because the shortest stay option is the tourist (or Schengen) visa, which lasts exactly for 90 days.

What are the benefits of being a Spanish citizen?

All Spanish citizens enjoy many benefits such as:

  • Competitively High-Mobility. Spain is ranked fourth in the world on the passport index. …
  • The Right to Live, Work and Study in The EU. …
  • Access to Health Insurance throughout Europe. …
  • The process. …
  • Requirements for a Spanish Passport. …
  • Where to apply. …
  • By Birth. …
  • By Possession Of Status.
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What qualifies you to be a Spanish resident?

Individuals can obtain permanent residency in Spain after having legally lived in the country for a period of five uninterrupted years.

The Spanish residency card

  1. they have obtained their NIE numbers (or foreign tax identification number);
  2. they have health insurance;
  3. they have paid the residency card issuance fee.

Can I stay in Spain after divorce?

Generally, the answer is yes. Losing the connection means that you lose your rights to stay in Spain, since the recognised partnership was your only reason to be there in the first place.