What mean 212 code in immigration?

What does Approved I-212 mean?

I-212 Waiver: Application for Permission to Reapply for Admission into the United States After Deportation or Removal. … Form I-212 is a waiver request that allows such aliens to seek consent from the United States government to apply for lawful re-admission to the United States after having been deported or removed.

What happens after I-212 is approved?

If the I-212 waiver application is approved, the foreign national can reschedule an interview with the U.S. consulate/embassy abroad and obtain a visa. In approximately ONE (1) to THREE (3) months after arriving to the U.S., the foreign national will receive his/her Permanent Resident Card (“Green Card”).

What is the difference between i 601 and i-212?

The I-212 and I-601 waiver applications are both required in many circumstances. Where the I-212 requests permission to apply to return to the U.S., the I-601 is actually the application to return. However, the I-212 and I-601 may often be confused with the I-601a, which is a provisional unlawful presence waiver.

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What is Immigration form I-212?

Form I-212 is for a particular inadmissible immigrant and nonimmigrant population who are inadmissible under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) section 212(a)(9)(A) or (C), and are seeking permission to reapply for admission into the United States (also known as “consent to reapply”) after they have been …

Who needs 212 waiver?

People who are permanently inadmissible following a deportation can apply for an I-212 waiver if: They have remained outside the U.S. for at least 10 years since their departure, or. They qualify for relief as a refugee or victim of domestic violence under certain U.S. or international programs.

Where do I file my I-212 waiver?

File this form in person at a CBP-designated Port-of-Entry or a CBP-designated preclearance office. It is recommended that you contact the CBP-designated Port-of-Entry or a CBP-designated preclearance office where you intend to be processed before submitting your application.

What is the fee for I-212?

$930. When you send a payment, you agree to pay for a government service. Filing and biometric service fees are final and non-refundable, regardless of any action we take on your application, petition, or request, or if you withdraw your request.

How much does it cost to file I-212?

The USCIS government filing fee is $535 for the immediate relative petition. The I-212 waiver filing fee is $930.

What is the 212 waiver?

The I-212 waiver (under Section 212(a)(9)(C)(ii) of the Immigration and Nationality Act) allows foreign nationals to apply for early readmission into the U.S. after having been previously removed and before they have met their statutory period of stay outside the U.S.

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Can you come back to us after being deported?

Once you have been deported, the United States government will bar you from returning for five, ten, or 20 years, or even permanently. Generally speaking, most deportees carry a 10-year ban.

How long does it take to get i-601 approved?

In terms of processing times, USCIS and DOS are coordinating closely to make sure that the timing of the approval of a provisional unlawful presence waiver application is close to the time of the scheduled immigrant visa interview abroad. Generally, it takes 4 to 6 months to process an I-601A waiver application.

Is there a waiver for violation of 212 A )( 6 )( C )( ii?

The applicant is inadmissible under section 212(a)(6)(C)(ii)(I) of the Act. No waiver is available for a violation of section 212(a)(6)(C)(ii)(I) and the record fails to demonstrate that the applicant qualifies for the exception described in section 212(a)(6)(C)(ii)(II).

Does an I 212 expire?

Applying for an I-212 Waiver

This requires submitting an Application for Permission to Reapply for Admission into the United State After Deportation or Removal (Form I-212). This form, once approved by USCIS, does not expire, unless the agency revokes your I-212 waiver.

Can L visa holders enter US?

H, L, J-Visa Holders No Longer Suspended from Entry into the United States but Most Noncitizens Remain Subject to Travel Restrictions. Takeaways: … U.S. Consulates are still operating at reduced levels and will have to work through backlogs as the pandemic ends.

What does alien removal under section 212 and 237 mean?

Commission of acts of torture or extrajudicial killings. Section 212(a)(3)(E)(iii) renders inadmissible any alien who, outside the United States, has “committed, ordered, incited, assisted, or otherwise participated in the commission of-I. any act of torture, as defined in [18 U.S.C.

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