Who is Mahmoud in refugee?

Mahmoud is a Syrian boy in 2015. With his homeland torn apart by violence and destruction, he and his family begin a long trek toward Europe… All three young people will go on harrowing journeys in search of refuge. All will face unimaginable dangers–from drownings to bombings to betrayals.

What happened to Mahmoud in refugee?

Once in Austria, Mahmoud was arrested by the Austrian police who arranged to deport him to Germany. Mahmoud escaped and eventually got himself on a flight to the UK, arriving in September 2015.

What is the theme of Mahmoud in refugee?

Invisibility and the Refugee Experience

One of the aspects of being a refugee that is particularly difficult for Mahmoud is feeling invisible. Mahmoud is the only one of the three protagonists whose journey frequently causes him to interact with people native to the countries through which he is traveling.

How does Mahmoud feel in refugee?

Mahmoud: Aleppo, Syria – 2015 (1) Quotes

He felt the stirrings of indignation, of anger, of sympathy. His breath came quick and deep, and his hands clenched into fists.

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Where did Mahmoud want to go?

Mahmoud told his dad that he wanted to board a boat and go to Italy, where he’d have a chance to go to school.

How are Isabel and Mahmoud connected?

Josef is a Jewish boy who lives when the Nazis ruled over Germany in the 1930s; Isabel, a Cuban girl who lives in 1994 with a communist society and a dictator who won’t let them leave; and Mahmoud who is a Syrian boy in 2015 who got his town destroyed by bombs and has his life at risk at every second.

Why did Mahmoud give Hana away?

When Mahmoud and his family are thrown into the Mediterranean sea on their way to Greece by a storm, Mahmoud makes a quick decision and offers Hana to another passing boat in the hopes that they will take her to safety.

What sea does Mahmoud attempt to cross?

They had the names of people who could help Mahmoud and his family get a place on a boat to cross the Mediterranean Sea. “They [the smugglers] promised they could organize a boat, give us the life jackets and get us safely in Europe,” he says.

What is the main conflict in Mahmoud’s story in refugee?

Mahmoud. Conflict: The Syrian Civil War puts Mahmoud and his family in constant danger. Rising Action 1: After his house collapsed in a bombing, Mahmoud and his family must flee Syria in hope of a new life. Rising Action 2: Mahmoud boards a boat and sails across the Mediterranean Sea.

What kind of person is Mahmoud?

Mahmoud is a twelve-year-old boy “with a long, strong nose, thick black eyebrows, and short-cropped black hair” (12). He is quiet and unobtrusive…. able “to walk around getting noticed by the Syrian army or the rebels fighting them was just inviting trouble” (12).

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What is Mahmoud’s brothers name in refugee?

Mahmoud Bishara

As members of the Shia minority, Mahmoud and his family—his ten-year-old brother, Waleed; his mother, Fatima; his father, Youssef; and his baby sister, Hana—are doubly marginalized.

In what year did Mahmoud’s story take place?

But Mahmoud’s story is far from ordinary. His epic journey began on an autumn day in 2012, when the nine-year-old and his family fled their hometown of Aleppo, Syria.