Why were immigrants such strong supporters?

Why do you think immigrants were such strong supporters of political machines?

The machines helped immigrants get citizenship (naturalization), housing and jobs, and in return the immigrants gave them votes. … When people were given jobs in exchange for votes, sometimes government employees were not qualified for the positions they were given.

Why did many immigrants support city political machines?

Immigrants supported political machines because they provided jobs and services such as a fire brigade. What effect did muckrakers have on reform? Muckrakers influenced voters, causing them to put pressure on politicians, the politicians then had to support reforms.

What were the stalwarts strong supporters of?

Stalwarts were the “traditional” Republicans who opposed Rutherford B. Hayes’s civil service reform. They were pitted against the Half-Breeds (moderates) for control of the Republican Party. The only real issue between Stalwarts and Half-Breeds was patronage.

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What’s the main purpose of patronage?

Patronage is the support, encouragement, privilege, or financial aid that an organization or individual bestows on another. In the history of art, arts patronage refers to the support that kings, popes, and the wealthy have provided to artists such as musicians, painters, and sculptors.

How did political machines get support from immigrants?

Voting strategy

Many machines formed in cities to serve immigrants to the U.S. in the late 19th century who viewed machines as a vehicle for political enfranchisement. Machine workers helped win elections by turning out large numbers of voters on election day.

Why did political machines help immigrants?

The political machines provided avenues for Irish Americans to get jobs, to deal with naturalization issues, even to get food or heating fuel in emergencies. The political machines also rewarded their own through political appointments.

What was the main reason that immigrants in cities?

Many of the nation’s new immigrants settled in the cities in the early 1900s. They came there to find jobs in the cities’ growing factories and businesses. Immigrants settled mainly in cities in the Northeast and Midwest. The result was rapid urbanization, or growth of cities, in those regions.

What role did immigrants play in the politics of many big cities quizlet?

What role did immigrants play in the politics of many big cities? Many political bosses were immigrants that worked their way up from the bottom. They helped other immigrants get citizenship in exchange for their votes. What means did many political machines use to maintain power?

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What role did political machines serve in cities?

Political machines controlled the politicians and city decision makers. They made sure that enough people came out to vote in elections in order to…

Why did immigrants tend to group together in cities?

Immigrants grouped together in cities so that they had some people that they could communicate with. When all of them came over they were moving to a strange country where they couldn’t communicate with the people. So sticking near people from your country means that you could communicate with somebody.

Why did many immigrants to the United States have such an optimistic spirit?

Why did many immigrants to the United States have such an optimistic spirit? They believed better economic and personal opportunities awaited them. … “New” immigrants shared relatively few cultural characteristics with native-born Americans.

What did the stalwarts believe?

Stalwarts (politics)

Ideology Grantism Spoils system Conservatism
Political position Center-right to right-wing
National affiliation Republican Party
Politics of the United States Political parties Elections

What was one way that new immigrants of the late 1800s were unlike old immigrants?

What was one way that “new” immigrants of the late 1800s were unlike “old” immigrants? “Old” immigrants usually lacked job skills, education, and monetary savings. “New” immigrants shared relatively few cultural characteristics with native-born Americans.

What was the main goal of Americanization?

Americanization, in the early 20th century, activities that were designed to prepare foreign-born residents of the United States for full participation in citizenship. It aimed not only at the achievement of naturalization but also at an understanding of and commitment to principles of American life and work.

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What was the main goal of Americanization schools like the one in the poster?

The main goal of the Americanization movement was to ? assimilate people of various cultures into a dominant culture.