What does AS8 mean on green card?

What is category AS8 green card?

AS8 = Derivative Asylee (Children/Dependents) They all share the same rights and responsabilities, the only difference is that AS7 and AS8 may be able to travel back to COP without any problem. (

What is the difference between E21 and E26 green card?

E10 – Child of priority workers classified as E11, E16, E12, E17, E13, or E18. E21 – Professional holding advanced degrees or of exceptional ability. E26 – Professional holding advanced degrees or of exceptional ability, adjusted status.

What are the categories on a permanent resident card?

Types of Green Cards

  • Family-Based Green Card.
  • Employment-Based Green Card.
  • Humanitarian Green Cards.
  • Diversity Lottery Green Card.
  • Longtime-Resident Green Card.
  • Other Green Cards.

What is I-551 section code?

The following is a table of the most common codes used on the Form I-551, Permanent Resident Card (Green Card). … Each code represents the lawful permanent resident’s (LPR’s) or conditional permanent resident’s (CR’s) class of admission.

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What is category E39 on green card?

E39. Spouse of a skilled worker or professional classified as E31, E36, E32, or E37. EW0. Child of an alien classified as EW3 or EW8. EW3.

What does category mean in green card?

Perhaps the most mysterious information on the front of a green card is the category. Category describes the immigrant visa category that was used to admit an immigrant to the U.S. as a permanent resident or conditional permanent resident. The field is also known as “class of admission” in other USCIS documents.

Does Divorce Affect green card holder?

Green card holders are usually unaffected by a divorce when they file another application or petition with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services if they are already a lawful permanent resident with a 10-year green card. There is usually no reason for USCIS to reevaluate your petition after a divorce.

What does category IR6 mean on green card?

An IR6 green card is how people sometimes refer to it when your permanent residency is based on your spouse’s status as a citizen because you fall under green card category IR6.

What does CF1 mean on a green card?

Green Card Category Codes

CF1 Alien whose record of admission is created upon the conclusion of a valid marriage contract after entering as a fiance or fiancee of a U.S. citizen. Conditional.
CF2 Minor stepchild of an alien classified as CF1. Conditional.
CR1 Spouse of a U.S. citizen. Conditional.

What is category E21 on green card?

E21 – Member of the Professions holding an Advanced Degree or an Alien of Exceptional Ability (Not seeking a National Interest Waiver) ▪ NIW – An alien applying for a National Interest Waiver who is a Member of the Professions holding an Advanced Degree or an Alien of Exceptional Ability. 5.

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How do I read my green card?

Green Card Location

Each line on the back of the green card contains 30 characters. The green card number is located in the last 13 characters of the first line, followed by two space holders. To be exact, the green card number is the characters for digits 16-28, followed by “>>.”

Can I stay on green card forever?

Although some Permanent Resident Cards, commonly known as Green Cards, contain no expiration date, most are valid for 10 years. If you have been granted conditional permanent resident status, the card is valid for 2 years. It is important to keep your card up-to-date.

What is classification E32?

Employment Based Immigrant Visas. ▪ The E32 “professional” classification means a qualified beneficiary who holds at least a U.S. baccalaureate degree or a foreign equivalent degree and who is a member of the professions.

How do I get i551?

An I-551 stamp can be obtained at a local USCIS office by scheduling an InfoPass appointment. The appointment can be booked online through the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website (https://my.uscis.gov/en/appointment/v2).

What does category SL6 mean?

In 1990, the government passed a little-known program giving certain individuals a SL6 legal status, which is code for special immigrant juvenile status. SL6 helps hundreds of immigrant youth each year become legal permanent residents, according to The Associated Press.